TextArea field width and columns

This might be a dumb question but I am trying to use a custom TextArea field and I just can’t seem to get it working (version 7.11.15). I set it up with 4 rows and 4 columns. I have saved and deployed and rebuilt but still have two issues.

First, I have my Detail View and Edit View synced. I used the + sign to expand the new field to full page width and it works in Detail View but in Edit View it always shows half-sized.

Second, there is only one column showing up. Enter moves to the next line, tab moves to the next field. I don’t know how to edit the second column, which doesn’t appear to exist.

This is my first TextArea field so I suspect it is just me but any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot

What i checked is that its limited by the “Design” of how the fields are displayed. Bootstrap CSS class col-sm-6 is trying to limit the field to Half size, even if the next column is empty.

You would need to Add Custom JS to edit view and then change the classes for your description element on the fly to make it look bigger.

So just so I am clear, without custom code, a TextArea field doesn’t work. It will not allow editing individual columns and will not display correctly so I am probably better off just sticking with a text field. That’s too bad, I really was hoping to have 2 columns. Oh well, thanks anyway.

What version of SuiteCRM do you use?
I don’t see any problems in versions 7.10.x, 7.11.x
Look at the screenshot. Columns work.
If you want to change row make for module the file - custom/Extension/modules/<Module_Name>/Ext/Vardefs/description.php

$dictionary[<Module_Name>]["fields"]['description']['rows'] = 3;

I guess I just don’t understand then. I am using 7.11.15. Rows definitely work. The width seems to always be half screen or full screen on view and always half screen on edit. I thought maybe “columns” meant columns within the textarea (like a gird) as opposed to width of the textarea which was my original question. The columns setting of the textarea doesn’t seem to actually do anything whether I set it to 4 or 400 makes no difference.

The ‘cols’ doesn’t work because it is parameter of html tag but the ‘width’ of css has more priority. If it important, you can edit file - include/SugarFields/Fields/Text/EditView.tpl