TextArea acts different in Notes as in Cases

If I check in studio the type of field the description field is, it’s in both setup as a TextArea field.
When I edit a Note I get a simple text area to enter the description and when I edit a Case I get a rich text area for entering the description.
I want to use the same type of rich text area in Notes, but don’t see how it differs.
In earlier releases I could use an add-in as WYSIWYG, but that doesn’t work correct with the latest release.
Please advise.


See the difference between


for the “Description” field. There’s a “editor => html” entry in Cases.

I am not sure if that is enough to make things happen, but you can start from this clue and follow it where it leads…

Thanks. Seems to work fine.

I thought it worked fine, which is the case if I’m editing the record.
I don’t get the editor when I create a new note. What am I missing?

I fixed it. I ran studio again and now it’s fine.