Text body of inbound email don't imported to the description Cases

Hello, I start to use Suitecrm, for the moment I try to configure creation of cases from inbound emails. For that, I follow this steps :
-Creat group inbound email account

  • Configure ‘Check MailBox’ scheduler
  • Check the option of ‘automatic cases creation’
    -Set up one security group for assignement of cases
    -Set up the round-robin disctribution method in AOP
    I use the latest version of suitecrm : Version 7.11.18 and Sugar Version 6.5.25
    the scheduler run correctly and the cases are created automatically, but I have some issues :
  • the body text of inbound email not add to the description of cases
  • the cases dosn’t assigned to anybody
    I need your suggestions PLZ. Thank you


In the Group Mail Account, do you have both a Group and Role selected, by chance?:

It seems as though the Round-Robin by Group option only works if you have just a Group Selected

When doing this, the Inbound Cases appear to Assign correctly

Does it work for you?

Regarding the Body->Description not Pulling through, I’m not able to replicate at the moment

Do you know if any custom changes have been made to the Cases module?

Are there any extra steps needed to replicate?
Or is it just standard functionality?

Would you perhaps be able to give an example of the contents of an Email body, that is failing to pull in?

Thank you for your answer, so for the distribution method I 'll test your suggestion and reply.
for the cases module there is no custom changes.
Normally it is a stantard functionality, it’s need just the cofigurations that I mentionned below.
For the email body there are the steps :
-I send an email from one gmail account to the email of the inbound email account configure in suitecrm
-In suitecrm I receive the email with subject and body,
-the case’s created automatically with the subject from ‘the email subject’ and blank description.

(In the Group Mail Account, do you have both a Group and Role selected,)
When I set up the role name to ‘none’ the distribution method work successfully. thank you for your suggestion


Glad that the Group Mail Account was resolved!

Though, regarding the Description/Body issue,

Could you try creating a case manually in the CRM, using the same content that the Email would contain?

It would be interesting to see if this works.

Also, it would be worth checking the suitecrm error log, as well as the PHP error logs
Does anything of note appear in these, that seem related to the Cases/Email functionality?

If I try to creat manually case independently of email, it’s work.
But if I try to creat manually case from some inbound email, the case created is with blank description even if the body of email have content.
In the log of SuiteCRM I have those lines :
Fri Nov 13 10:30:03 2020 [1614225][1][FATAL] SugarPHPMailer encountered an error: Invalid address: (to):
Fri Nov 13 14:16:19 2020 [4193388][1e1d3251-838c-148b-ae00-5f4f612c19fa][FATAL] SugarBean::populateDefaultValues $field_defs should be an array
Fri Nov 13 14:16:29 2020 [6018][1e1d3251-838c-148b-ae00-5f4f612c19fa][FATAL] SugarBean::populateDefaultValues $field_defs should be an array
Fri Nov 13 14:16:30 2020 [6018][1e1d3251-838c-148b-ae00-5f4f612c19fa][FATAL] SugarBean::populateDefaultValues $field_defs should be an array
Fri Nov 13 14:16:30 2020 [6018][1e1d3251-838c-148b-ae00-5f4f612c19fa][FATAL] SugarBean::populateDefaultValues $field_defs should be an array
Fri Nov 13 14:30:01 2020 [522968][1][FATAL] *** FOLDERS: addBean() is trying to save to a non-saved or non-existent folder
Fri Nov 13 14:30:02 2020 [522968][1][FATAL] Attachements not found


Sorry, I’m not sure if I understand the first part, so I just want to clarify:

When you create a Case in the CRM manually, and you use the same content as the Email, it does NOT populate the “Description” field on the Case?

Is that right, or have I misunderstood?

If the above is true, then it may be the content of the body that is causing issues

I’m not too well versed in the Email/Cases backend Functionality, so I’m not sure if anything from those error messages is directly related to your issue
Perhaps “[FATAL] Attachements not found”?

Does your Email contain any Attachments?
Or are there any embedded images in the Email body?

Perhaps something is getting caught there?

When I create a case manually in the CRM using the same content as the email, the Description field is populated in the Case. It’s not populated when the Case is created
automatically from the Email.
The content of the Email is a very simple paragraph without images.
The Email don’t contain any Attachements.
Thank you


Thanks for confirming that!

hmmm, I’m beginning to run out of ideas now, i’m afraid…

Do you know if any other users have noticed similar issues when submitting cases?

Do you know if any changes have been made to the AOP functionality?
(Either in Code or in Admin->AOP Settings)

Also, it is a bit of a long-shot, but what Mail service are you sending from?
Would it be possible to try sending from a different mail service?
I’ve had success with Outlook/Gmail/Fastmal in the past, but haven’t tried outside of those

The closest known issue I could find that sounds related was this one:

And I’m wondering if, perhaps, different Mail providers deal with the Emails differently, in a way that might cause issue?

How does it look on the database? There is a big confusion with fields called description and description_html, or body and body_html, in modules that use HTML editors like TinyMCE. It’s possible that one of these screens gets something wrong.

By looking at the database, and possibly filling in the values there, you might be able to understand the problem better.

In Admin AOP Setting there is no changes in Code, but I set up the distribution methode in this section.
The Mail provider Is Gmail.
I’ll see this issue in github. Thank You

ok I’ll take a look and see what can I do. thank you