Text body missing in e-mail with MS Edge and Google Chrome


maybe since an Update from Microsoft/Google the e-mail Body/Editor is missing. Yesterday it still working, today it´s gone. On Firefox (newest Version) it works.

Suite CRM Version 7.12.6
Edge Version 102.0.1245.33

anyone else with that Problem?

Hi, no one with the same Problem out there?

Try looking for errors in your php_errors.log (server-side) or in the browser’s Developer console.

Look for errors at the time when that screen is displayed.

Thx for the reply. There is an error in Apache Logs

AH01071: Got error ‘PHP message: PHP Warning: opcache_get_status() has been disabled for security reasons in /suitecrm-path/include/SugarCache/SugarCache.php on line 168’, referer: https://website.com/crm-path/index.php?module=Emails&action=ComposeView&return_module=Emails&return_action=index

I don’t think that is related…

Anything in the browser JS console?

Hi, Thank you for the good Support!

I hope the screenshot ist helpful

Can you please try deleting these two files in your server and see if anything changes?

cache/smarty/templates_c/%%D1^D15^D1540D1D%%ComposeView.tpl.php (the codes will be different but the Composeview.tpl.php part should be there)


Hi, Sorry for the late reply.

I removed both files. No Change, same Problem.

I have the same problem… on several browser (also Safari Mac). I Also open a new topic in this forum, no solution until now.