Test emails work but Compose Emails is not working.


I’m using version Version 7.10.2, Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)
I set-up the admin user to send using smtp details by updating the settings under Admin/Outbound Email.

When I send a test email it works - I receive the test email.
However, when I “Compose Email” and enter all the email details, then click send, I get this error:

Then, when I click delete email, I’m automatically logged out the system and get this message:

Any suggestions on what to do next?

Thanks. Joe

I’m having the same issue. Never had any issues before. Looks to be hung up on a tls handshake. Bug?

Did you manage to get it working? I’ve fiddled around with settings, still can’t get it to work. Test emails are working but as soon as I use Compose Emails I get the same error message above.

No. System sends email fine for previously created users, prior to 7.10.2 update, but not for any user after.

I’m going to uninstall version 7.10.2, just seems very buggy. Perhaps a fresh install of a previous version will help me get up and running. I’m a new user of SuiteCRM, no prior experience.

I updated to 7.10.3 with no luck. Still sends fine for users with existing outbound email accounts setup. New users are not able to send any email. Receive is fine. Test emails work. User sending does not. Anyone out there have any additional ideas?