Template SuiteCRM reorder fields

Good afternoon,
I request support in the most attentive way, can you tell me how to reorder the fields in the SuiteCRM template, in accounts I have custom fields and I cannot move them to another place next to another field.
I just would like to know in which files I can rearrange or the procedure to do it.
I appreciate the support.

Hi @caviles,

To move fields around position within a module the studio module is where to start. It allows for customization of the full CRM; Adding, Removing, Editing, Relocating etc etc

The documentation on this module can be found here!

However in short;

  • Go to the administration menu in the top right dropdown below your username (You’ll need an admin user),
  • Find the Studio module, which should be under the “Developer Tools” header in 7.12,
  • Select which module you wish to edit,
  • Select Layouts,
  • Select which view, Detail being the one you enter when clicking on a record (Tho its likely best to keep edit and detail pretty much the same),
  • You can down drag and drop the fields around, extend them across both columns, add hidden fields from the left-hand side, and remove fields by dragging them to the “delete” option (This won’t delete the field, just remove it from the view and add it to the list on the left side)

As a last note, you cannot move fields across modules. If you don’t want a field in one module, but want it in another. You should create it following the documentation here and delete it from the old module once done.

Do you know which are the files must be modified to order the fields in code?
Because in Address it appears as a single block and I have two additional fields. They are usually street, city, state, country, zip code.
I have 2 more that are a neighborhood and a municipality. But by adding them the system puts them all the way down when I would like to put an order. Example.
street, neighborhood, municipality, city, state, country, zip code.