template editor image blurred

Hello i have a problem when i put an image into a contract template.When i click add image and paste the url and set the dimensions. the image comes out blurry/pixelated. The image is not a low resolution image, i have a 322x319 version a 1280x720 version and they both look blurry when i add them to my contract template even when printed as pdf. Any help would be appreciated.

If i put this in the wrong category let me know


By “Contract Template”, do you mean a PDF Template that is used for Contracts?

Are you trying to add an image using the “Insert/Edit image” button or by doing it manually with HTML?

I can add images fine via the “Insert/Edit Image” button, they do not become pixelated.

Thanks for the reply, I figured it out i had to upload the image to my Photobucket and copy the direct link to the insert image menu i guess when i uploaded the images to google it would compress them and when i would copy the link from google to insert to my pdf template it would look pixelated.