Telesales campaign

Hi, We are going to be trying to switch from our current Filemaker system to SuiteCRM. I have SuiteCRM installed and I am trying to configure it for our needs. I have added users and target lists. I created a campaign and added my target lists to it. I am having trouble finding how does the telesales staff get assigned their next lead? With our Filemaker system it works like this:

  1. Goto campaigns and select the current campaign the team is working on.
  2. The first lead they have been assigned then shows up on their screen.
  3. They call the lead and record an outcome.
  4. They click next lead and the next prioritized lead in the list shows on their screen.

With SuiteCRM when I goto Marketing/Campaign and select a campaign it just gives me the campaign details and doesn’t put a lead on their scrren?

Is it even possible for SuiteCRM to do this? I was told it can do this out of the box but I am unable to find out how to do it.


I think some of the concepts in SuiteCRM are a bit different than what you’re used to…

Campaigns are more used for sending out email, though there are non-email campaigns that might be helpful to organize any operation contacting a lot of people.

But there is the concept of “Calls”, and the concept of assigning them to specific users. So you might design your work around this: create a bunch of Calls, distribute them by sales people via assignment, and then they can work from their “My Calls” dashlet.

I don’t really have experience using this for marketing, so if anybody has a better answer, please go ahead.