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Telephone Number format and search

Two Suggestions regarding telephone numbers.

Allow for universal search in AOD of standard telephone number formats, e.g. formatting (555) 555-5555, (555)555,5555, 555-555-5555, 5555555555, (5555) 955 5555, (5555)5555555, (5555)555-5555

Or based on locale use a script to auto format presentation of telephone numbers in modules but store the telephone numbers without format, e.g. display (555)555-5555 but store 5555555555.

This will allow IVR ANI routing to deliver a CTI payload of a concatnated query, e.g. http://URL/index.php?action=UnifiedSearch&module=Home&search_form=false&advanced=false&query_string=5555555555

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Definitely a great feature, should be added.

Smart handling/correction of street addresses, phone numbers, postal/zip codes, countries, cities, states/provinces.

You shouldn’t be able to enter garbage/incorrect information, without having to override the basic smart handling/correction.

Is this called a field mask of some sorts? +1 on that request (for ALL fields).

This plugin exists and works well,
SYNOLIA - Field Mask

However it does not work with SuiteCRM (that I can figure out)

Update, this does work with 7.2.1, I had issues when using it in conjunction with YAAI Asterisk plugin.

Also, we do not use the mask for phone numbers with extensions, instead we suggest this format:


we Sync with exchange/phones so the ; seperator prompts for the extension number when dialing, works quite well.

I do most formatting using LogicHooks, use “after_retrieve” to present data correctly formatted both on DetailView and EditView. I use “before_save” to enforce data not input correctly formatted during edit gets correctly formatted when saved to the database. And “process_record” is used to format data in ListView.
You’ll need a little bit of knowledge on regular expressions to do this, but it’s pretty straight forward.

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@Webber: I’d appreciate some regular expression examples you used!

Good news for SuiteCRM community !! . Format Builder extension is now live .

Format Builder helps SuiteCRM admin to define specific format for a field in any module.
For example if you wish to limit a Mobile Phone Number for Leads or Contacts modules to maximum 10 digits and only numbers can be added here, you can define this with the Help of Format Builder.

Benefits :

  • You can configure what error message to display case the format specs are not matching with the input value.
  • Help users to minimize input errors and reduce incorrect data being entered in CRM.
  • Multi Language Support (English, German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian)

Explore more at https://store.suitecrm.com/addons/format-builder

Watch demo at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msXejOWYcp4&t=86s