TCPDF version

Hello, you include version 4.6.013, in this version TCPDF I have problems with svg files.

Thank You for your answer, but in SuiteCrm we have


and README.TXT in that directory:


Version: 4.6.013

This version (4.6.013) is old and doesn’t support svg, as I think, current version support.


SuiteCRM uses mPDF and not TCPDF for templates.

Which module are you looking to use TCPDF?

My custom module

We would not be able to support your custom module, so this is something you would need to debug.

Of course, this was only my very polite request to include in future release of SuiteCrm new release of TCPPDF. And I didn’t know, that you are using mPDF, probably in my next modules I will try mPDF.

Hi Janusz,

Thank you for the request. I will consult with the team, to see if we can support both TCPDF and mPDF classes for PDF generation.