Tasks related to multiple accounts


I’d like to create a task that’s related to many accounts.

Is there any simple way to achieve this in Suite?


You can create one to many relationship from task to account module using suitecrm famous STUDIO utility in the admin section of the CRM.
And for more flexibility you can set this relationship to MANY to MANY so that each task can be linked with multiple accounts and vise versa.


Thanks for your message!

That’s what I supposed, so I tried with no luck.

When I go to Admin -> Studio -> Tasks -> Relationships, I see there already is a one-to-many relationship “account_tasks”. When I click on it to change the relationship, the dropdown list where I should change the relationship type is disabled.

I also tried creating a new many-to-many relationship between accounts and tasks in Studio, but there’s no effect.

Could you give me a bit more how should I proceed?

Thanks again!

You can create a new Many to Many relationship from Studio>>Accounts>>Relationship

add a new relationship between Accounts and Tasks.

This should work. I have tested that. It is working.


@FKajzderski Maybe the issue here is if you’re using the Tasks “quick create” form, from within another records view. This does not show all options, nor subpanels.

Try going into the Tasks module itself, into a Tasks’s detail view, and look for subpanels with the new relationship.

I did try going directly to Tasks module and creating a task from there. I always end up with an interface that allows me to add just one related account to task (please see a screenshot here https://ibb.co/f2XZic).

Do I need to make some manual changes to Tasks module to achieve what I want?

You should be looking for a sub-panel, that’s the way to link more than one. If it’s not there, try to add it with Studio. If you can’t you can Google for ways to add it through code (should be a simple change to just one layoutdefs file)

Thanks for your answer!

OK, I see the subpanel, but it still doesn’t work as I expected.

I did add an account in the Accounts subpanel for a task, but when I go to that account, I see this task only when I scroll down to Tasks subpanel. However, I don’t see this task in the Activities subpanel - any way to fix that?

When you add a relationship in Studio, what you get is the subpanel. That is the standard way. The “Activities” subpanel is a different beast. It is a very specialized part of SuiteCRM, the only way to change it is to customize PHP code.

There are some discussions online about doing similar things


but I don’t enough to guide you in this, you’ll have to try it yourself…

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I’ll have a look at the customization options, but I guess I’ll just stick to the subpanel.

Thanks a million for your help!