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Hi !

I am a SuiteCRM newbee, moving from another CRM system, and the first thing I miss the most is the striketrhrough of the completed tasks in the calendar view. Is there a kind of tutorial how to do this?
Or somebody who already did such modification, and who would help me?


Hi @m.zsolnay, welcome to the Community :tada:

I saw your post on GitHub… you really shouldn’t post this sort of thing there - it’s just for developers to work on fixes, not for end-user support.

And for the Forums, it’s best to open your own thread, and follow the

About what you ask, I don’t think it’s a standard feature, sorry. Maybe it could be achieved with a code fix, although I don’t really know how to advise you on that one. To be honest I didn’t know that you could see tasks in the Calendar, I thought it was only for appointments and meetings!


Hi, @m.zsolnay
I see the road like this:

  1. You can change file jssource/src_files/modules/Calendar/Cal.js
// Build calendar(s)
  $.each(calendar_items, function (user_id, user_calendar_activities) {
    $.each(user_calendar_activities, function (index, element) {
      var valueToPush = {};
// start addition code
      if(element['status']==='Completed' && element['module_name']==='Tasks') {
// end addition code
  1. You make custom file custom /modules/Calendar/tpls/main.tpl
// addition code to end file
<style type="text/css">
		text-decoration-line: line-through;
  1. Admin->Repair->Rebuild Minified JS Files

Sorry, and thanks for the advice !

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Hi !

Many thanks for trying to help me! I did all the steps as described. modified the two files, and did the repair.
Than I created a call, a meeting, and a task.
All appeared on my calendar.
Then I marked all of them as completed. (Meeting and Call as “Held”)
Nothing changed on the calendar view. If I understand you code correcty, the task should have strikeout characters, becouse it’s status is “Completed” ?
What am I missing? And if I get it to work, can I make the same behaviour for Meetings and Calls (where status is “Held”?)

Thanks again for your support and for your patience with an absolute beginner…


Hi, @m.zsolnay
You understand correctly. May be you should clean cache of your browser.

Hi !

Deleted browser cache, also tried different browsers, unfortunately entries in my calendar still not striketrue.

It’s all that I can do. :wink: That is video instruction.

That is absoutely perfect, there is no better way to expain the steps !
Instantly I could see, where I was wrong before.
I edited the modules/Calendar/tplsl/main.tpl instead to copy it to the custom folder and do the editing there.
No I restored the original main.tpl, and made the new file into custom folder.

Unfortunately the formatting still does not work. What I realised, that my custom folder has only the one folder I just created, yours however is full with other folders.
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There are another custom decisions in my system. You can edit file in system or custom directory, as you want.

Check code on load page in your browser. Look at my screenshots.

Welcome to community! :tada:

I used the strikeout successfully in v8.3, great example. I wanted the completed tasks to show with the strikeout. Thanks.