Guidelines to post in these Forums

Hi, welcome to the SuiteCRM Forums! :slight_smile: Let us introduce you to our Community.

What kind of Forums are these?

These are Community Forums where members help each other out. This is not a company supporting its customers. Please ask politely and use a positive tone.

What should you include in your posts?

Please start your own post with your Issue, instead of posting on an old thread saying “me too!”.

  1. Your version of OS, Web Server, PHP, Database and SuiteCRM. These might not mean much to you, but they might mean much to whoever is trying to help you.

  2. Any other relevant information about your installation: is it your server, or shared hosting? A new installation, or has it been running for a while? Do you have admin rights, and SSH access?

  3. A description of your Issue, preferably using a “steps to reproduce” format. Try to be precise and name things as they appear on screen. This is a big app, don’t assume we know every screen of it.

  4. What clues can you find in your logs? Look for suitecrm.log at the root of your installation, and check any messages there at the time your Issue occurred, especially ERROR or FATAL messages. Then look for your Web Server Log, usually called php_errors.log or errors.log. If it’s an installation, check also install.log, and if it’s an upgrade problem, upgradeWizard.log.

Anything else I should check before posting?

  1. Permissions problems. SuiteCRM needs to be able to read and write certain directories. If you followed the instructions in the Installation Guide, you should be ok, but you really can’t skip setting permissions.

  2. There’s a Documentation site that includes an Installation Guide, a User Guide, Developer Guide. It has a search function, please look there before posting:

  3. Search these Forums for previous threads describing similar problems.



Above are very useful information. I will try my best to care about each mentioned point.
Thanks for the nice paragraph.

Hi support,

very use full mentioned points.we will follow as per your instructions . :) 


Hello @pgr

Many Thanks to your inputs. We will follow those instructions in our posts.

Warm Regards
Vajragiri Vishwa