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Dear All,

I am using version 7.10.4. I am not satisfied with the tasks due date highlighting way. To see the priority of the tasks and if it has passed the due date is one of the most important for me.
Is there any way to change the current colouring to something like in SugarCRM? See attachment and description below.

Task due dates are highlighted in list view and dashlets as follows:
Blue : Tasks with any status other than “Completed” with a due date in the next 24 hours.
Red : Tasks with any status other than “Completed” with a due date that has passed.
No color : Tasks with a status of “Completed” or with a due date 24 hours or more in the future.

This solution is very user friendly for me. Hope you agree.


Yes, you can customize it like this


That’s for the List View, you’d have to do a separate customization for the Dashlet.

Thank you for the example. I am not able to do this, I have no knowledge to this. Do you think in the future something similar will be standard in SuiteCRM? Maybe with one of the upcoming updates will fix this? Because honestly, the current highlighting is not really useful.

Would be enough to change the colour of the fonts, no need to have coloured cells, borders.
It is too much work probably to create this, especially if I have no know how to do it.
And this should be made for tasks, calls and meetings list views and dashlets.

Is this modification upgrade safe, or need to create them all the time after upgrade?

Yes that customization is upgrade-safe.

It’s a very simple code customization, quite easy for a developer. I don’t think it will get included into the app any time soon, because the same thing that is easy to change in code, could be a nightmare to design a UI for. Some people want Fonts, others want backgrounds, others want underlines, and you end up with a complex UI when it’s so easy to just change some CSS properties.

You can hire people to do it for you, some of them hang around in these forums.

Understood, thank you.

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