Task Subpanel display wrong Due Date

My Task’s Subpanel is displaying Due Date same as Start Date.
Here is the Subpanel

But actual due date on the record

This happens on all of my custom modules, SuiteCRM version 7.8.20
Is there a way to fix this? Thanks in advance!

This happens only on custom modules, not on the core modules?

How did you create the modules, through Studio, Module builder, or by code?

Hi pgr,
I figure out this happens when I configure show both Start Date and Due Date columns on Task Subpanel, after try to hidden Start Date column, Due Date is appearing the right record. This happens to all core modules too.
Hope this will be fixed on the next update!

This just came up on GitHub, maybe you can test it?


Thank you pgr, this fixed the issues. But now I have to add it to all my custom modules.