Task module pop or notification is not showing in suiteCRM

Hi ,

I have created one task shown below .

I have scheduled date time 2021-06-07 06:00PM ,but when time comes that is not showing as a pop or notification also and same think when I create EVENT also that pop and notification not showing .

But I have created meeting ,so to meeting that notification is showing on right side bell icon,but TASK and EVENT not showing ,

I have enable that notification from admin to that user .

How to fix this issue ,please help some one on it .


As I know, module Tasks doesn’t have reminder. Reminder is present modules Meetings and Calls only.

@p.konetskiy thanks for your response,I checked that reminder in TASK and EVENT,as you said reminder is no there ,How can i create remainder ,may be i cann’t create that field,
is there any way to dispaly that pop or notification to TASK and EVENT,

You can copy code of reminder from module Meetings. As alternative variant you can make reminder using WorkFlow or LogicHook.

You can create a new cron job and put this code into cron job.

	function send_agent_alert( $record ,$setting ,$call){				
				$alert = BeanFactory::newBean("Alerts");			
				$alert->description = ' You have UPCOMING TASKS ';
				$alert->url_redirect = 'index.php?module=tasks&action=DetailView&record='.$record[record_id];
				$alert->parent_module = $record['mod_name'];
				$alert->parent_id = $record['record_id'];
				$alert->assigned_user_id = $setting->assigned_user_id;
				$alert->type = 'info';
				$alert->is_read = 0;				
				$alert->name = ' Hey, You have UPCOMING TASKS';

create a new cron job and call this function.
You need to put some SQL to pull upcoming tasks as well.

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