Task modified in workflow sets all tasks as completed

We are trying to automate the creation and completion of tasks as a way to guide our CRM users through our lead management and sales process. The first Workflow creates a task called “Contact and Qualify Lead.” It is then followed by another workflow which is a task that looks for a specific value in the Lead status dropdown, and if this value is selected, the process is suppose to do the following:

  1. Send an email to the Assigned to person explaining what to do next.
  2. Create a new task to continue down the lead management and sales funnel.
  3. Mark the “Contact and Qualify Lead” task as Completed.

The problem we are having is that when step 3 above fires, and all tasks related to the lead get marked as Completed. This includes the task created in Step 2 above and any other “manual” tasks we may have created for the lead. The only task that should be marked completed is the “Contact and Qualify Lead.”

We’ve tried a bunch of variations but still no success. Can anyone shed some light on how to accomplish what should be a simple function.


the way the Workflow module works at the moment, you can’t achieve this, I think that for that particularly flow you can write a logic hook but is not a simple function as you requested

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Thanks Mike. Will see if we can put the logic hook together to make this work.

We got it done via logic hook. Thanks again!