Targets in Outlook

Is there a way to enable “Targets” to show up in the list of Modules? I can’t seem to find it in either the list of standard modules or custom modules.


Where are you looking? I can see Targets in the “All” list in the navigation bar. You may want to check the “Display Modules and Subpanels” page in the admin section to see if the module has been accidentally hidden.


I’m referring to the SuiteCRM Outlook Add-In. I don’t see Targets as a selection in the list of locations to run searches, or to archive emails.


The targets module is not something that appears in most email archive clients.

For example, Opacus’ plug-ins do not provide the option.

I would only expect that you would send emails to a target as part of the campaign email process, which is done from within the CRM not from an email client such as Outlook.

Ideally the process would be that you would send a Campaign to a Target, they are interested, you convert the Target to a Lead(from the detail view within the CRM) and then you archive the email and further correspond with the Lead record.