Target List subpanles Account, goto pageNr

Hi everyone, I would make possbile that in the Target List module in the subpanels of Accounts I can move between the pages of Accounts choosing the number of page (or the number of Accounts) to go.

For exemple if in settings I set to view 20 elements for page and I have a Target List with 8000 Accounts releted(400 pages) I would want to go to the 200th page or to the 4000th Account directly, without moving page to page until the 200th (it will spend much much time).

I have seen this link that say there isn’t a “go to page number” button in Suite but in my case is enough to go to the 4000th Accounts of the Target List.
Is it possbile?
My version of SuiteCRM is 7.11.7

If anyone could help me I will be truly grateful because for now we are moving manually one page to the next and we have very large Target List.

From the subpanel, I think you’re going to have a hard time achieving this. You will have to add custom code for this functionality.

A possible workaround, but I am not sure if this will work, is going through the accounts List View. You need to think of this as a search, or a filter.

So for example if you can filter the accounts by “belongs to Target list X”, or if you can add a custom field to the accounts that works as a group number (a different sort of page number), then you could filter by that number and see only a handful of accounts.

My point is: your actual requirement is not “I need to skip pages”, your actual requirement is probably something else, like “I need to handle these in groups, until they are all done”, or “I need check a certain condition and mark each account that matches” or whatever. Try to get something working for that, not for the pagination, because the pagination isn’t going to be helpful here…

In case i have to write custom code where in wich file I have tu put it ?(sorry but i never write custom code for suite)

Isn’t there any extension that implement the “goto” functionality? (not only free)

Sorry, I don’t know where/how to do it, I would have to investigate.

If you’re just starting with SuiteCRM development, I recommend reading the entire Developer Guide:

you can search for extensions in the SuiteCRM Store, they’re all there.

But can try explaining what exactly is your requirement? Not the pagination - I mean what do you want your users to achieve, in business terms? I am sure there is a different (and better!) way of going about this.

My requirement is to make possibile to choose the page to go for don’t waste user’s time by moving one page at the time

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Adding this functionality would save hours every year to hundreds of people using SuiteCRM.

Probably it’s not difficult to implement but it requires someone who nows both how to do it and where to modify the code.

Anyone there willing to contribute?

@matto98 Why don’t you start by adding this as an issue in gitHub?

I have create the issue on GitHub

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That is a technical requirement, I asked about a business requirement. Maybe I am not making myself clear.

Your users go to page 4 for some reason, in order to fulfill some business requirement. And the actual business requirement underlying your technical requirement, might have a better way to be achieved.

I don’t know if it has, I just want to go over this with you to see if I can think of something.

We’re talking about work lists, or records separation and reporting, or something like that. Once we start thinking of this as page 17 or page 321, I think we’re already trapping our users into a bad user experience, even after that feature is added. That’s why I am asking you (and amariussi) about what you’re actually trying to do.

This is the pagination in SuiteCRM (for all listviews)

This is the pagination of another programme:

It is obvious to understand that, if I want to move forward faster, when the list contains thousands of records, instead of having to go one by one, it would be a lot faster to have little text field where to type the page (or number in the list) where to go directly. (in the example the text field appears as a pop-up, but the pop up is not really necessary: it would be sufficient to put the text field in the middle of the pagination buttons)

It has happened to me several times to have to waist plenty of time paging down the list. The worst is that, once you have got to the desired page, if you click on an item and then go back to the list, you then have to start again from page 1!

Furthermore: instead of only “Start”, “Previous”, “Next” and “Last” buttons, it would be a really good idea to add also a few pages before, a few pages after the current page, as well as Next/Previous 10/25/50/100/500/1000, … buttons so that one could much easily and faster navigate all listviews. including the subpanel listviews.


But it sounds to me like what you’re describing is a Search. You’re looking for something?

I’m not disagreeing with you here; maybe (probably) I can’t find a better UI design than a pagination text box. It’s only that I would like to try. :wink:

This is how it could look like (sorry for the horrible design, but it’s just the idea!!!):


Not really: there are plenty of reasons why one would like to paginate using the buttons and, possibly go directly to a specific page. Specially in SuiteCRM where the search functionality is very limited. (for example: find in the list view, not in a report, all records where (field 1 starts by A) AND (field 1 is not equal to Apple) OR (field 1 is equal to Pear) AND (field 1 does not end with S))

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The business requirement is that we have to crete lists of accounts based on some features and we have to keeping track of the lists we created

I would try to frame this as a work list.

Basically, have a Dashlet that selects (filters) these accounts correctly and presents them to the users that have to work on them, in order, right from the front-page. Then when it is handled some field is updated so that the account doesn’t show in that list anymore.