Target list generation timing out

SuiteCRM version 7.4.3

Am trying to add members to a target list from Accounts by selecting a batch of records from Accounts then selecting “Add to target list” from the dropdown options (i.e. clicking on the right-hand part of the “Delete” button) and then picking a target list from the pop-up form. This fails if much more than about 100 records is selected - it keeps going until the script times out (even if I bump max_execution_time up to 360 seconds in php.ini), and then fills the screen with some sort of massive PHP oblect dump - on checking the target list it will have added only the first 100 or so accounts.

In case it is relevant, have also added the following lines to config_override.php :

$sugar_config[‘resource_management’][‘special_query_limit’] = 500000;
$sugar_config[‘resource_management’][‘default_limit’] = 50000;
$sugar_config[‘resource_management’][‘special_query_modules’][] = ‘Accounts’;

Any ideas? I know our version of SuiteCRM is old (due to operating system constraints), so may be fixed in later versions.

Please post those lines inside “code” tags, otherwise the brackets are removed…

When you set timeout to 360, does it timeout after that period, or earlier?

If earlier, it’s not the timeout that is limiting things. Could be running out of memory. Did you try setting a higher memory_limit in php.ini?

Thanks for that - here are trhe configuration lines :

$sugar_config['resource_management']['special_query_limit'] = 500000;
$sugar_config['resource_management']['default_limit'] = 50000;
$sugar_config['resource_management']['special_query_modules'][] = 'Accounts';

The process times out when it reaches max_execution_time as specified in php.ini

Will try increasing the memory limit

Have increased php memory to 2048M and execution time to 10 minutes - still times out after 10 minutes.

You need to check your php_errors.log (or whatever your web server log is called), there should be some clues there.

Have finally obtained a server with recent version of Fedora, so PHP version allows upgrade. Upgrade to SuiteCRM 7.6.10 seems to have fixed the problem - the target list generation which was previously timing out after ten minutes now goes through in about twenty seconds. So presume that the PHP settings were a red herring, and there was simply a problem with the code in the previous SuiteCRM version.