Target converted to Lead


Whenever I convert Target to Lead neither Activities or Documents are moved to the Lead. Any suggestions how to configurate it to move them from Target to Lead after I convert it (same as when the Lead is converted) please?

Sorry, this doesn’t exist. You would have to code it yourself, although you could re-use the code from the Lead-to-Contact conversion.

Normally you would be better off re-designing your processes to actually use the Lead-to-Contact conversion, and not the Targets.

Targets are supposed to have a very light-weight relationship to your company, they could be just a list of emails you bought from some marketing company.

If you’re dealing with people one by one, they should be Leads or Contacts.

So maybe reconsider if in your case you really need it in more than one step, Target > Lead > Contact, or if you could do it with just one conversion. There are advantages to this, making the process have less clicks, and feel simpler. But only you can know if it fits your business.

Its ok. Thank you for your advice. Unfortunately because of B2B and longterm relations with customers this Target > Lead > Contact is the best way for us now. I will try to re-use the code from the Lead-to-Contact conversion and let you know if it works.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:



start with function handleSave and then the other functions it calls