Does SuiteCRM have a tagging feature that will allow me to attach attributes? The best I can come up with is the multi-select list but it doesn’t support the AND operator when doing a general search.

For example, an organization can belong to more than one category of an industry. Replacing SuiteCRM’s default Industry’s single select as multi-select.

Organization A
Industry: Authority, Transport

Organization B
Industry: Transport

Organization C
Industry: Authority, Healthcare

Organization D
Industry: Healthcare

Doing a general search:

  1. selecting Authority AND Transport will display result: A B C <-- not okay. I’d like to use AND instead of OR operation. IOW it should only display A and not B and C.
  2. selecting Authority will display A and C <— okay
  3. selecting Transport will display A and B <— okay
  4. selecting Authority AND Healthcare will display A C D <-- not okay. Same comment as #1 except result should only display C.

I do not use it, but I know of this addon https://www.sugaroutfitters.com/addons/tagme

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Good to know however the pricing isn’t that great at $249 USD. I think everyone will benefit if tagging was built right into SuiteCRM. Is this on the development roadmap?

I don’t think tagging is but I think they have search improvements (such as or’s) coming down the road.

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Yeah I agree…the extensions for SuiteCRM are just crazy expensive for something that should come standard with any CRM