Table Corrupted for aos_product_categories_audit

Please help as the two table below shown to be corrupted or incorrect information.
I can’t perform any backup or restoration for the suitecrm database.
Table repair from the SQLyog does not helps also as it mentioned ‘The storage engine for the table doesn’t support repair’.

Is there anyway i can repair these tables?

suitecrm.aos_product_categories_audit analyze Error Incorrect information in file: ‘.\suitecrm\aos_product_categories_audit.frm’
suitecrm.aos_product_categories_audit analyze error Corrupt

Hi there,

Can you access the application?

Can you run a Quick Repair & Rebuild in Admin -> Repair?

Where are you seeing these errors?

Hi Will,

Yes, i can access the application.
I did the Quick Repair & Rebuild under Admin > Repair, it completed successfully without any eror emssage prompting. However, when i recheck the database, same error still exist.
I saw the error via SQLYog (The database i’m using are MySQL) > Table Diagnostic / Repair
Also, error occured when i tried to sqldump out the data.