Table and Field that stores the user password expiration information in database

In which table user password expiration information is store?
Or is there any logic which will decide that user password is expire or not.

Please share details if anybody know about same.


Have a look here:

In the database it seems to be table “users”, field “pwd_last_changed”.

There also seems to be some config.php preferences affecting the behaviour of that function:

  'passwordsetting' =>
  array (
    'SystemGeneratedPasswordON' => true,
    'generatepasswordtmpl' => 'bcd0354f-bfdd-2b52-80de-58c6b7d97391',
    'lostpasswordtmpl' => 'c0639b3b-a124-8f6a-c697-58c6b7927700',
    'forgotpasswordON' => true,
    'linkexpiration' => true,
    'linkexpirationtime' => 24,
    'linkexpirationtype' => 60,
    'systexpiration' => '',
    'systexpirationtime' => '',
    'systexpirationtype' => '1',
    'systexpirationlogin' => '',
    'minpwdlength' => '2',
    'oneupper' => false,
    'onelower' => false,
    'onenumber' => false,
    'factoremailtmpl' => 'c50eaf7f-4b19-3492-1a97-5a9e81e3baf2',

I am not sure how that works, I’ve never seen it documented, but hopefully you can figure it out by searching the code.

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Thanks for details, I’ll take a look and debug code to get more information.