{TAB} pressing order


is it any possibility to change CRM behavior after {TAB} pressing in Filter window. F.e. if I have 3 fields: 1. Name, 2. Address, 3. email, while enterred in filter (search) “Name” I press {TAB}, I want cursor to jump to the second field “Address” and only after that to the last one, but now it skips second field and jumps directly to the last one. Is it possible to change the order?

It’s not possible to change that from the UI, but from the underlying files, yes.

Which version of SuiteCRM and which theme are you using?

And which module do you want this for? I can try helping you look for the files.

I’m using:
Sugar CRM v. 7.10.5
Sugar v. 6.5.25

Theme: Suite P

And I want to change the ordr in two modules: Contacts (people) and Clients (Companies).

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

So you mean that you go in Contacts List view, press the filter button, and the TAB order is wrong? It works well on mine.

Are you in “Quick Filter” or in “Advanced” tab?

Did you change the fields that appear there, from Studio?

Maybe you can find out more by examining the order in which those fields appear in


Yes, you are right. When I’m pressing filter in Contacts and Clients, while using “Advanced tab” TAB order is wrong. Maybe it’s because our CRM is customised (by other company and now I can’t reach them)…

Thank you for a suggestion about these files. I will try to look there :slight_smile: