Tab Order for Fields Not Ordering Per Assignment

Hi there - I have created a couple different fields and added them into the Contacts and Accounts modules.

They display nicely and all is well there but when I go to enter information into the fields it doesn’t logically follow from top left to right then down a row and then left to right again.

I have clicked into each field and edited the tab order - I tried numerical sequencing. 1,2,3,4,5 for each field in its order. No joy. Jumping from 1 to 5 - First Name to Email every time. I tried using negative integers. -99. -98. -97 with the same result. I tried removing all fields and adding them in order and again no joy. It should also be noted that the order I set for the tab is still retained after I removed the field and then re-added it.

I tried refreshing and repairing the dbase… no luck…


I am using Version 7.9.0
Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509)

This might be a bug, probably similar to this

maybe you can post there saying you also have the problem, and what you tried…

has anyone figured this out? I have the same problem with the same version 7.90