System generated password - issue

getting following password while request for forget password.

Password : $contact_user_system_generated_password

Version 7.11.18 ; upgraded from 7.10.9

please guide

Thank you.

Hey there,

Are you still having issues with this?
If so, which Email template is using this variable?

As far as I’m aware, the default “Forgotten Password Email” template is like so:

You recently requested on $contact_user_pwd_last_changed to be able to reset your account password.

Click on the link below to reset your password:


And the “System-generated Password Email” template is like so:

Here is your account username and temporary password:

Username : $contact_user_user_name

Password : $contact_user_user_hash


After you log in using the above password, you may be required to reset the password to one of your own choice.

Neither of which have the “$contact_user_system_generated_password” variable