System Error Log Time Not Same as System Time


I’ve noticed the times logged in the sutiecrm.log file are not the correct system times. The various times in the actual log messages are correct, so were is SuiteCRM getting it’s time information from to write to log?

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There are usually at least two independent PHP configurations in a system: the one that runs inside the web server and the one that runs from the command-line (CLI).

Cron jobs usually run from the CLI subsystem, which uses a different php.ini file. This means you have to configure things like timezone and other details specifically for the cron jobs. These also use suitecrm.log (every minute).

To locate the several php.ini files in your system, you can use

sudo find / -name php.ini 2>/dev/null

To see which php.ini file your CLI is using, type

php -i | grep php.ini

Thanks pgr

That’s a great help, I’ll investigate these files now.

We’re wondering if this is the cause of the email campaign problems we’re experiencing, as our server admin has said incorrect time zone configs can cause TLS authentication to fail.

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