System Email Account Spamming

SuiteCRM: 7.4.1 (upgraded from 7.3.0)

An unexpected thing just happened. One of the configured SMTP email accounts randomly started mailing out a copy of the New Case template to several of the contacts in the address book linked to this email account. The contacts that got mailed do not exist in SuiteCRM in any form and definitely came from the address book.
This started without any particular event/action that can be linked to it. It was working fine before that. We had to shut the server down to stop it from spamming anyone else.

Has anybody else experienced this?
Any ideas on what could have triggered this to start?
Is it acceptable that SuiteCRM can grab contacts from a linked account’s address book without any configuration settings or approval?
Any specific logs that can be checked to see what caused it?

This is a single purpose server, so there is nothing else in the same environment that could be doing this instead of SuiteCRM, it definitely is a Suite issue.



Hi WvdW,

I am not aware of this happening to anyone else and also not aware of SuiteCRM being able to access the address book of the mailbox to send emails out.

The SuiteCRM.log file within the main directory will contain logs which you can view. what you could do is disable the schedule job which causes the emails to be sent. if the emails are still being sent after this then it is not SuiteCRM doing this.



Thanks Ian. I am already keeping an eye on this log and also the syslog.

Do you perhaps know if an outgoing mail queue exists for mails that must still be sent? I searched through the app folders but couldn’t locate any queue files or folders. Also had a look in the DB at the various email tables but nothing that is easily identifiable as the pending messages queue.
What happens if there is a batch of mails that couldn’t be sent due to a network break or something? Do they just get discarded or retried from queue at a specified interval?