Synology NAS Installation for Dummies

Hi! I am a complete noob/novice and am wanting to install SuiteCRM on my Synology NAS DS916+
Is anyone able to help with a simple step-by-step installation guide for ‘Dummies’.
Almost all the guides I have so far found are quite technical and assume a level of understanding that I don’t have.
I have already installed MyPHPadmin, MariaDB and Apache. I have downloaded SuiteCRM to my laptop and extracted the files.
How do I now install on my Synology NAS?
Any help will be appreciated.

I don’t think you’ll find any more step-by-step guides than the ones that exist.

Installing in a NAS can have additional issues.

At the stage you are at, you should simply be concerned with getting the file permissions right and then running the Installation wizard. It’s not that technical, just a bit, and it’s as technical as it really needs to be. There is no getting around the fact that your OS needs to let SuiteCRM read and write the files it needs to.

I have no idea what the Synology NAS experience is like. Do you get a Linux console where you can issue commands?

Thanks for your response.
Not sure what you mean by ‘getting the file permissions right’!?
It is possible to SSH into the Synology NAS (and, I guess, use that as Terminal access to issue commands??)

Your help is appreciated!

Getting the permissions right is following the Installation Guide:

To give read and write permissions to your web-server user, as appropriate (see the part with the chmod and chown commands).