Syncing tasks with Google Calendar

Hi all,

We have a google calendar sync working but it appears that tasks are not being synced even though they appear in the SuiteCRM calendar.

Anyone know if it’s easy to turn this on or possibly give me a pointer on how I can extend the existing sync functionality without breaking future updates?

Many thanks.

Are you trying to sync Suite Project Tasks from Suite to Google Calendar / Google Tasks?

Or is it that you want Google Tasks to sync to Suite Calendar?

SuiteCRM tasks to Google Calendar.

Since tasks have a due date and appear in the SuiteCRM calendar.

Have you checked the calendar named SuiteCRM located in your Google account?

Yeah - events are synced fine. It’s timed tasks that are not.

Interesting! Tasks get sync’d? I’ve been using it for a while now and my tasks don’t sync. I’m using version 7 though. Is this a version 8 feature only? Or are you using some other plugin to do this?

On the Google account side, Google Tasks with a “due date” will also appear in the Google Calendar, as occurring at a date and time. Same on the Suite calendar side, Sutie Tasks with due date appear in Suite calendar.

This plugin add-on syncs calendar Meetings, Tasks, and Calls.

Hi stanski

that is an unusual situation you have - everybody wants to sync Meetings between Calendars: but I’ve never heard of the business process need for syncing Tasks?

Can you give more information about how your users handle the creation and allocation of Tasks in their standard way of working?

Eg - some teams have hundreds of short Tickets / tasks a week: and would not want them in Google Calendar because it would be too cluttered. And those Tasks don’t have defined ‘finish by’ dates - just 'Urgent / Less Urgent / … ’ etc

BUT some teams have only2- 6 Tasks a week each: and those tasks take many hours or days each. In that situation: one solution that might work for you: is to have a process that every Task ends with a 5 minute meeting: where the person can explain what they did and ‘hand over’. That way - Google Calendar will have visibility of what Tasks are being finished when: as the Meetings show there.

In this case I think tasks are used as more robust meetings.

EG call client X and do Y. You want it on your calendar as a todo while also wanting it to have a status (done, not done), priority, etc.

Hey @stanski what I do is I use “calls” more like tasks. I schedule a planned call lets say for Tuesday. That doesn’t mean I have a call on Tuesday. That means I plan to call the customer on or about Tuesday. I use it like a task reminder. If I have a time definite call, like the customer is expecting me to call at 10am on Tuesday, I use meetings. Whether it’s a “call” or an “inperson” it’s a meeting because the other person is expecting me to be there. That’s how I differentiate the two.

Also, think about the workflow. If you set a “task” to call someone. You then have to call them, complete the task and then create the call log. It’s double the work. With a planned call, the call is already created all you have to do is mark it complete. Done. Easier to manage and less work.

Tasks I use for actual tasks. Like for example, “send quote to customer”. That’s an actual task.

Maybe this might work better for you.

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Good thinking @pstevens

That is exactly the kind of ‘make it usable’ thinking that makes an App be treated as a useful tool -not as admin duty!

PS - I think the default Demo version of SuiteV7 makes Suite look less usable - it is 3 clicks to Edit a Call or Contact or anything: and the Edit button is not visible until the ‘ACTIONS’ button is pressed.

PPS -another default that would be better set the other way - in Users Profile: especially for the public demo: as there are SO MANY modules in the menus… and in random order unless this setting is changed. One for you @g.martin or @serhiisamko perhaps? It’s a tiny change.