Synchronize contacts to Next Cloud?

I am trying to synchronize the following to Next Cloud:

Is there a way to have a 2 way synchronize(1 way would suffice if there is no other way)?

Calendar activities
This can be a one way since to NextCloud.

How might this be able to be accomplished?



Unsure if this is exactly what you’d be looking for as I haven’t used this integration myself however this is the official integration between Suite and Nextcloud - SuiteCRM integration - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud

Thanks for the reply.

This plug in is only to display a dashboard of activities that you would see on your dashboard of SuiteCRM. So, it does not deal with syncing contacts or other data.

What protocols are built into SuitecRM for potential contact/lead syncing? webdev? webcal? Other?

I know that anold plug in for archiving emails from Thunderboird used to archive email used to sync contacts/leads and accounts(maybenot accounts…, not sure). So, there is a way to do this with in suitecrm.



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