sync with google contact and calendar?


is there any way I can sync

  • contacts with my google contacts? And with particular label ?
  • calendar with my particular google calendar?

Thank you

For proper 2-way Sync you need a payed Add-on, search the SuiteCRM Store.

For free, you can get some bits of what you need :slight_smile:

See in your user profile (I think under “Advanced”) there are links to iCal calendars that you can put in Google Calendar. You can also do some cool things from external integrator sites like IFTTT or Zapier.

Google Calendar 2-way sync is now part of SuiteCRM , since version 7.11.

Hi, I’m trying to configure the Google calendar sync and it’s not working. I followed the doc from But when I click on authorize in user profile (advanced tab), I always get a blank screen. I’m running suiteCRM 7.11.3 on windows machine with MSSQL.

Can you help please?

Thank you.