Sync to Outlook Checkbox in Contacts

In the Contact’s module there is a “Sync to Outlook” checkbox, but I’m unsure the purpose. It doesn’t seem to be bringing the contact’s information to Outlook… even though I have the Outlook Plugin installed.

Please advise how we use this checkbox.

Hi sieberta,

The ‘Sync to Outlook’ check box looks like a field left over from SugarCRM Pro. This would be used in conjunction with their Outlook Plug-in. We do have an Outlook plug-in available on the extensions directory, but this only handles syncing/archiving to SuiteCRM, not both ways.

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My understanding was that this plugin only handles email sync/archive - not contacts - can you comment?

You are correct Michael, but the Phase 2 plug-in currently in Beta syncs calendar and contacts.



  1. Choose Setup > System Configuration > Outlook > Contact Synchronization. The Contact Synchronization Setup dialog opens.
  2. Mark the Synchronize with Outlook folder checkbox.
  3. Click the More button next to the Synchronize with Outlook folder field and navigate to the Outlook folder with which you want to synchronize contacts in Practice CS.
  4. Note: You can synchronize with a personal Outlook contacts folder on your computer, or with a firm-wide public contacts folder on your firm’s network.
  5. In the Select Folder dialog, select the appropriate Outlook folder and click OK.
  6. In the Practice CS Contacts to synchronize field, you can choose a filter for the contacts that you want to synchronize. If you do not already have such a filter available, you can click the More button and create a new one.
  7. Note: Filtering is optional. If you choose to use a filter for contact synchronization, all contacts that do not meet the criteria of the filter will be removed from the Outlook contact folder you have specified.
  8. In the Import contacts from Outlook as field, choose whether you want to import contacts from Outlook as Clients or Standalone contacts. Client contacts are companies, individuals, or other entities who are clients of your firm. Standalone contacts can be attorneys, bankers, or other miscellaneous contacts who are not necessarily associated with your firm’s clients.
  9. The Display confirmation dialog prior to committing changes checkbox is marked by default. If you do not wish to see this dialog, clear the checkbox.
  10. If you want to enable automatic synchronization, mark the Enable automatic Contact Synchronization with Microsoft Outlook checkbox. If you leave this checkbox unmarked, synchronization will occur only when you perform it manually using the Sync button on the toolbar.
  11. Click OK to close the Contact Synchronization Setup dialog, which will also synchronize contacts with the selected Outlook folder.
  12. Unless you chose not to display it, the Pending Outlook Synchronization Changes dialog appears and lists the changes that will be made to the selected Outlook contacts folder.

To install plugin:

Log in to your Zoho CRM account.
Click Setup > Apps & Add-ons > Other Apps > Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook.
In the Outlook Plug-in page, select the Microsoft Outlook version from the drop-down list.
You can check the the version for Microsoft Outlook in your system.
Click Download to get the installation file.
Run the ZohoCRM_Plugin_for_Microsoft_Outlook.exe file.
In the Welcome to the Installation Wizard dialog, click Next.
In the License Agreement dialog box, read the license agreement and click Yes to accept the license agreement.
In the Choose Destination Location dialog box, browse the directory and click Next.
The installation will take a few seconds.

Hi Will,
Are there plans to make the sync work both ways - i.e. so emails sent through the CRM will archive down in to the users ‘Sent’ items in thier Outlook/Exchange account?