Sync to Google Calendar


I would like to confirm if its possible to sync the google calendar with suitecrm calendar?

What do I need to make it sync? Does it need to use a module or I will just set it somewhere?

Thank you.

Hi Indigo21,

I don’t think SuiteCRM has Google Calender Sync functionality out of the box, but you can download 3rd Party modules that should provide this functionality.

For example, Gsync:

There are also other calender sync software that can be found, but I cannot attest to how it works with Google calender:
Opacus Activities Sync:


you can added suiteCRM calendar into Google Calendar with iCal integration URL.
Look edit your profile, advanced…copy url …

Hi Frenchy,

could you please provide for the benefit of all the precise steps to achieve it?
I have searched Google and have found a way to integrate a Google account (therefore not only a Calendar but also including email) but nothing on how to integrate just a Calendar.

search google calendar add ics

The question was on how to sync not on how to import calendars!

Unfortunately (at least for me) importing is useless for various reasons, including:
. you have to repeatedly import (in fact in both directions) a calendar
. there is a high risk of overwriting items or reimporting previously deleted items
. calendars are never synced so, when you have to set up an appointment you have to check both calendars otherwise you may use a slot that has already been filled
. etc…

Thanks anyway!