Sync quotes with opportunity

Hi to all.

I’ve searched a lot for this feature, but apparently it doesn’t exist.

In Salesforce, when you have one or more quotes inside the opportunity, there’s a button within the Quote object that lets you Sync one specific quote to the Opportunity, that way you will see the total amount from the quote in the Opportunity Total Amount.

Is there any possible ways to do this?

Thanks in advance!

welcome to the suite-community! I guess you could do it with a workflow.

a) add a new checkbox field to module Quotes (label: “sync to Opportunity”)
b) on-save, while the checkbox is activated, use “modify record” to copy the total amount of the quote to the opportunity
c) unset the box

Haven’t tested it, but I could imagine this works out.

E: I shortly tested it on a local environment:

and this is the workflow:

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