Symbol " in pop-up window accounts the are not correctly

Hello when opening the pop-up window the quotes are not correctly handled, please help if you encountered a similar problem. I have Suite 7.9.11

Please try this in 7.10.7 on the online demo

that way you can check if this has been fixed, or if is a problem only in your system…

Hello, thanks for the answer, in 7.10.7 the same problem,

for check please click select to add new contact, opened popup window, where due to invalid character (") in (Account Name) processing, the query returns an empty list

I ask you to tell how the pop-up window is processed so that I correct the problem myself, as far as I understand the data is taken from the link by the get method

Hi, you’re right that this looks like a bug.

You can try stepping through it with a debugger to see what’s going on.

But I start by checking both suitecrm.log and php_errors.log (or whatever your web server log is called, this is where PHP errors show), maybe there are clues there to help you focus on the right part of the code quickly.

If you can’t fix it, please open an Issue on Github with these screenshots and the “steps to reproduce”. Thanks

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Thanks for the answer, I will conduct the research before opening the problem on Github.

I found a solution that works for me, when I run the open_popup function in sugar_grp1.js , I change initial_filter data the hex code character of the quote in the format %26quot%3B to "

initial_filter=initial_filter.replace(/%26quot%3B/g, '\"');

add in the first line after the initialization of the open_popup function in the file sugar_grp1.js

Nice work, I am glad it’s working for you.

If this is a bug I would still ask you to please open an Issue on GitHub with your findings, so it can be fixed one day. Thanks for reporting.