"&" symble in workflow Condition not triggering

Hi, I am running workflows and I have encountered the following issue with workflow Conditions not triggering as the Valu they are to act on has a “&” character in the value instead of “and”, e.g. Adv. Childhood Care & Education Major Award - QQI Level 6. When I enter the title in the value field in the Conditions and save the workflow it only saves as “Adv. Childhood Care” and the rest of the title is removed, I have edited the Conditions-Operator field to “Start With” but the workflow still is not triggering when the Condition is met. I have other workflows working on similar conditions but they are working correctly but don’t have the “&” in their title, I have tried the workflow with another title with a “&” and it again on save it shortens the title back to before the “&” and doesn’t run.

Is there an issue with “&” in the conditions of workflows and is there a workaround for the course titles that are coming in from our website as products?



Workflow Module Conditions Block “Value” not getting with “&” operator because field value passed without encodeURIComponent() in the entry point parameter using async request. So that’s the reason Field Value does not get Properly in the Condition block.

Add the encodeURIComponent function in the following file path of your CRM as suggested in the below screenshot,

/modules/AOW_Conditions/conditionLines.js (Approx. Line number : 173)

showModuleField() function is modified in the JS file to fix Default SuiteCRM Issue.

@jessica1 nice bug fix, don’t you want to contribute that on Github so it gets fixed for everybody?

Thank You for your kind words, yes I would like to contribute to GitHub. please guide