Switching Web Hosting AND Upgrading


We are currently in the throes of switching web hosting companies (if it’s relevant, from Uber Global to Siteground)

The only version of SuiteCRM at the original host is 7.2.2

At the destination is 7.8.2

We are trying to work out the easiest migration and upgrade path for us. We don’t have masses of data, perhaps a few hundred contacts / prospects and very little history.

We have ftp access to both sites and ssh access to the new host.

Can anyone suggest a path of least resistance please?

Thanks and Regards


to move suitecrm is not complex.

  1. copy all the source files to the new server (by ftp or ssh)
  2. dump and restore the database from old server to the new DB server
  3. change the information in config.php (DB connection, site url of crm and host name if changed)

Test if everything work well on the new server, create a backup of crm and try to upgrade, or try to upgrade suitecrm on the old server.

… like he said, but DON’T try to migrate and upgrade at the same time. Keep the version stable when migrating. Of course, if you do a full copy of all the files and DB, the SuiteCRM version travels with you.