Swiftpage ACT conversion to SuiteCRM

Hey all,

I’ve been looking for some information on converting an ACT database to SuiteCRM. There are a few companies that do this for a service but I’m wondering if there are any applications out there that can convert an ACT database (fairly recent version) to what SuiteCRM can use?

I prefer to do things like this in house and not have to send all our data offsite to some company.

Our SuiteCRM server is on a windows server but I’m not opposed to doing the conversion on a Linux system if the tools are working OK.

(I searched for previous posts on this but didn’t have much luck with my search terms. I got all sorts of “contact(s), action(s), deactivate, activities” results but nothing about ACT the crm from (currently) Swiftpage.

Failing that, If you’ve had a good experience with this task with a particular company and would like to share your experience (good or bad), please feel free to post away…


There are more reasons why you would want an in-house process:

  1. You can play around with SuiteCRM concepts and try different things before you decide what is the best way to map data from one to the other
  2. You can calmly establish a replayable import process, test it, and then one day when you’re ready, do it on the live production data, with little downtime.

If you know PHP (basic PHP is enough) you can work with a custom import script so that you can use more complex logic (IFs, loops, etc.). This is especially interesting to get the relationships right.

If you want to hire, one company that comes to mind :slight_smile: is SalesAgility, but there are many other partners out there, and freelancers.

Is your data very complex? Sometimes people just want to migrate a few tables (Contacts, Accounts, a few more) and the process is relatively simple. However it can get very complex if the requirements are more demanding…