Swap Subject and Status around in Calender


Calender. In the Aditional Details i’ve changed the order around. BUT I’m STUCK! HELP!!

The normal Calendar I just need to change the order of Subject and Status so that when it only shows one line from a meeting it shows the status of the meeting, and when it shows two lines instead of subject / status I want it to show status / subject.

As you can see from the screen shot i’ve changed the order in additional details. But, cannot work out what file I need to edit to change the order of the standard calender in CalendarUtils.php there is a subject / status from meetings. I’ve changed them around in there so it just imports status twice, or hashed out the name line neither of those works so i’m guessing it has to be in another file

HELP? Anyone got any ideas.

" /**
* Get list of needed fields for modules
* @return array
static function get_fields(){
return array(
‘Meetings’ => array(
‘name’, [color=#ff0088] <------------ chanaged to ‘status’, so there were two lines with status and no line with name[/color]

This is in CalendarUtils.php and I tried changing it so it got status at the top as well as further down so it had status twice and no name in the array. Put this in custom/modules/Calendar did a rebuilt and then a restart of the server to clear out the cache in case it was in there… Made no difference at all!

In Calendar.php LINE 211 " $item[‘name’] = $act->sugar_bean->name; " I changed to >status at the end.
in CalenderUitls.php LINE 163 " ‘name’ => $bean->name, " I changed to status at the end.

Now the Calender shows the Status instead of the Name/Subect BUT It is showing it as the database drop down value not the actual text…

So for example No 2 is actually Sales - Target Review

So you can see from the 2nd line that has the status in the correct format.

So any idea where the one line shows how to actually put the status in the correct format so it shows the data not the raw data from the database but the converted data if that makes sense… See the attached screenshot

… Dances around my desk singing and dancing all in Cal.js in the end. Set everything else back to normal and just worked in Cal.js and got there finally