Surveys Responses Answer not Shown on Response


i setted up successful a Survey and everything works fine.

I can answer the Survey after clicking on the Link and a new Response is shown under the Survey.
When i click on the Response of that survey, i only can see some meta data of the response, but not the Answers of the Survey like its show on this screenshot in the documentation of the survey module:

Me Screen looks like this:

I am just sending the plain survey link top the respondent and do the field mapping to account, contact etc. later manually.

Can anyone give me an idea how i can get this working?

My SuiteCRM Version is: Version 7.11.13

Thanks a lot.

Hey there,

How are you sending the Survey Link to the users?
Are you sending them the link directly, as taken from the Survey Module?
Or through Campaigns using an Email Template?

I believe the Survey Functionality is quite ingrained with Campaigns

So, If you’re sending the Survey Link out manually, a lot of CRM functionality will be skipped, and you may not get the expected outcome.

As far as I understand it, the intended path for the Survey Functionality is something like:

  • Create a Public Survey
  • Create an email Template with the “$surveys_survey_url_display” variable. (To Autofill the Survey URL)
  • Create a Survey-Type Campaign, and relate the Survey to it
  • Create/Use a Target List of Contacts/Accounts/Leads/Targets
    (ie: The records that you’d like to receive the Email with a Link to the Survey)
  • Select the Email Template containing the Survey Link Variable
  • Send the Emails out via Campaigns

Then, any responses to the Survey are recorded in the Survey Responses module
(With associations to all the relevant records)

If you ARE sending it with Campaigns, are you sending to respondents that are part of a Target List?


thank you very much for your detailed feedback.

First: Actually i am sending the Link manually.

Is it possible to create the Link in the valid, working form with all relevant parameters etc. manually to make it working like its when used in campaigns?

Can someone send me a correct link that i can try to recreate?

Thanks a lot for your Feedback.

I just added the Contact-ID as a parameter in the URL and after submitting the Survey-Form the Contact is now linked to the surveys response.

But the Response is not showing the answers of the resonse.

Do i need to ad something else in the URL manually for testing to make it working?

Hey, i received the campaign email and the link was just with additional tracker parameter.
After submitting the form of the survey, i was not able to see the respondents surveys answers.

So i though about, i could maybe dynamically add contacts to the target list, but it should work via campaigns before i try to find a solution.

Anyone here, who has an idea how i can get this working?