Survey responses don't appear into Contact relationship

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There is the possibility to show into a Contact/Account relationships also the SurveyResponses associated to the record?

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Doesn’t it show in the Campaigns subpanel? Surveys are just one kind of Campaign…

You might also have information in Activities or History subpanels (emails sent…)

In my case, I will use Survey not conntected to a Campaign. If I connect che survey with the campaign in the subpanel I found the response, but I can’t find into Contact or account subpanle
My goal is: have responses linked directly to contact/ accounts and when I go to the detail of the contact, see all responses.

Hhmm I am quite unsure about this…

Maybe try in Studio adding a one-to-many Relationship from Contacts to Surveys Responses (or Survey Question Responses? I don’t know what is the difference…).

This will create a subpanel for you - but I don’t know how well these things will connect, you will have to experiment. This module is new, and I never heard anybody asking about these relationships…

Thank you for your reply. I see that into Survey Response, the records have also related fields to Accounts and Contacts. How can I add a subpanel into Contact module that linked to existing field into Survey Response record?

I don’t know :huh:

My fear is that this is probably very limited when done from Studio, and you might not be able to achieve what you need.

You might have to go into defining the relationships and the subpanels “manually” through PHP code. If you can get a SQL query that returns what you need, you might use this technique to make a subpanel:

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Thank you very much for your help. I’ll try your solution.


Have you succeeded in relating a survey to an account? I’d be interested in the steps you took as I’d like to see my surveys linked to an account (I’m using Campaingns for now but would rather not have to create a new campaign for each survey so it links to the account). Thanks in advance.