Survey duplicate but delete all questions in original survey

Another one problem.

Problem: Survey duplicate but delete all questions in original survey with Draft or Public status.
Suitecrm 7.10.17

Reproduce the problem.

  1. Create any new survey.
  2. Add quiestions
  3. Save
  4. Duplicate with new name
  5. Check questions in the new survey - all questions present.
  6. Check questions in the original survey - no questions.

Solution: No ideas.

I do 3 steps.

  1. Duplicate 1st survey with question with Draft status. Result - 2nd has questions, 1st no questions.
  2. Change for the 2nd survey status to Public.
  3. Duplicate 2nd survey with question with Public status. Result - 2nd has questions, 2ndt no questions.
  4. Result - 3rd has questions, 2ndt no questions.

It was like a chain of similar operation for different states Draft and Public.
As result - only last duplicated survey has questions.


Can you reproduce this on the live demo? (user:will, pass: will)

If so, please search Github for an existing issue describing this, and if you can’t find one, please open a new one. Thanks for reporting.

Other than that, as a workaround, I would suggest duplicating from the database via SQL, if you can handle that.

Hi, Prg.
Yes. Reproduced the problem. Date and time is 2 jul 2019. GMT +2 15.30

The same problem is here.
Online demo 7.11.6
You can see 2 surveys right now:
a) duplicate test 1 - original. = no questions
b) duplicate test 1 - duplicated = has questions

Screenshots are attached.
Reproduced in 3 steps.

  1. Create a new survey with 2 questions.
  2. Duplicate it with new name. Successful result for the 2nd survey.
  3. Check the 1st survey. No questions.

With best wishes. Alex

Hi Prg,
I have no experience how to open new issue. Can you share me a short tutorial how to do it correct?

  1. I didn’t find any ticket about survey duplicate problem.

  2. And we discussed before about problem with total line in a report. 7.10.17( also .16 and .15) has the same problem.
    You posted about it to closed ticked but no reaction.
    Maybe better to open new one? I can share my solution because it works.


Opening an Issue is easy, there is a tutorial in the Community Guide (select Raising Issues)

but if you just go in SuiteCRM GitHub, select Issues, then “Create new”, it will show you a template that tells you what sort of thing to report.

About your number 2, can you give me some links to those discussions? I am on too many threads to keep track of everything in my head. Thanks

Hi, Prg. I was out of the office.
My 2nd post is “Survey duplicate lost all questions if original survey has answers”

I’ll try to open GitHub issue.
Thanks. Alex

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