Survey as part of my bachelor thesis

Hello everybody

At the moment I am writing my thesis on the topic of “Diffusion rate of open source business software”.

I wanted to ask if some of you (community) would be willing to do a quick survey.

You would conduct the survey using the software “SuiteCRM”.

Under the following link, you can start with the survey:

I would be very grateful for every help.

With best regards
Rezan Kedik

Hi. I am a moderator here.

I was wondering if I should approve your posts with the link. I tried to check the link and I clicked on it, and I was taken to a page saying the survey was already closed.

Convince me that this is legit and I will approve your posts with the link :slight_smile:

first of all, thank you for your response.

I’ve tried to change the link, but it don’t worked. I must change the link, because the old survey is already closed. Hope you can help me…

I need the Evaluation about the software “SuiteCRM” from the community here, so I can write my bachelor thesis. I got a market mirror, which also include this software.

If you have a new link (one that is working) ready, I can approve both your posts, and then you can quickly edit them to put in the new link. Is that ok?

But I need to be able to check your survey before approving it.

yes, thank you. I changed the link.


I approved your posts.

The english one still needs an updated link, you can edit your post to replace it.

Thank you, but in the english forum I can’t edit my post.
Could you pls approve my post ?

I approved all of them

I fixed your link now.

I don’t have more time to spend on this, really. So I hope it is fine now.