Support Forum vs Support Portal

Hello everyone!

I’ve just created a new account and I’m already uploading information, however, I see that the support that I have with my level is Support Portal and Support Forum. I know the forum, however I don’t know where or what the Support Portal is.

Could anyone please let me know the difference? When I configured my account the subdomain name was created with a VERY long name and would like to know if this can be changed.

Also, due to tax regulations in my country, we need that receipts to be delivered with a Tax Id and Address from the vendor. Do you provide this?



Hi … we will reach out to you directly … you may not have received email instructions … please check your junk folder

Hello, I have checked my junk/spam folder but there is no e-mail from you. Could you please send me the instructions to my e-mail?

Thank you


Hello there!

I have not yet received any e-mail and I really would like to understand the support process. What is the difference between the forum and the portal?

There are some issues I would like to address but first I believe it is important to understand this difference.