Support for current versions of PHP and MySQL?

The documentation states that PHP 5.3x is the latest supported version vs. the current version being 5.6. 5.3 is pretty old and stopped getting security patches a year ago. There’s a similar story on MySQL (5.1 supported vs current version 5.6).

If your IT guys are wary about something like this (stating support for only out of date programs), how would you suggest to counter their concern? I’ve seen a number of people stating their environments are running on more current versions, so Suite appears to work on them. But how would you get a black/white IT person to go along with this?



Thanks for your feedback,

one the main thing we have been doing with 7.4 due out on friday, is improving php compatibility, and I’m happy to say that 5.6 and even php 7 will be fully supported in 7.4

Additionally, it tested and compatible with the latest versions of mysql and mariadb, but I am sure there is still improvements we can and will make here,

I hope this gives you some confidence that we always aiming to move the application in the right direction and keeping it up to date(the documentation hopefully to) but we are always happy for any input feedback or suggestions to help us along the way