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I just noticed there is a Disclam statement about SuiteCRM at the view contact detail page as attched, how can I hide the statement and left only the © Supercharged by SuiteCRM © Powered By SugarCRM?

This is not a normal view, you have some errors in your files: the info should not show and its hiding panels.
Have you edit the code files?
If you check the demo version you will see how it is supposed to be visible.

Verify your files integrity, upgrade to latest version and make a admin/quick repair and rebuild

Please check the Browser Console for any JS errors. The view is due to JS not completely loaded.

I think there is bug in the rename module especially when you rename it will a long name such as from “Meeting” to “Meeting & Appointment Schedule”, the disclaimer statement will show, it will still show even i have change to a shorter name, I know it because I have been trying 3 times and it will just happened after renaming the module.

Please help to see how to solve it because I have another new incident, will see it after creating the meeting/Contact/Account/Task in the overview. :frowning:

Just tried to reset module but failed too, i think somewhere must have gone wrongly after rename module.

Every back to normal, finally there is an answer to it - name must not consist of &.