Summary of options re: Social Media?

Social Media is obviously becoming a more and more important component of CRM. My clients often ask me whether Sugar is able to record/report the level of social media “connection” with a particular Contact. I’m fairly sure that the current product doesn’t do this but I’m fishing for two things:

  1. Recommendations re: any community modules that can provide some level of Social Media “insight”
  2. Any comments re: future plans for SuiteCRM in this regard

To flesh the question out in a little more detail: Imagine a law firm with 20 partners many of whom may be LinkedIN with Contact-A… when Partner-1 looks at Contact-A in SuiteCRM ideally I want to be able to show them that Partner-2 and Partner-6 are already LinkedIn with that person.

Any ideas?

Hi Andrew,

There is nothing of this depth planned although social integration with Facebook, Twitter and Google is planned for suiteCRM 7.1.