Sum of fields without workflow

I’m new with SuiteCRM and I have a question…
How to create a value simulation form where you add the fields without executing a task?
For example:
#campo1+ #campo2 / #campo3
This the fields with js masks

Thank you very much in advance


Welcome to community!

You can load custom javascript if add the arrays to the file - 'modules/<modile_name>/metadata/editviewdefs.php`. There are two options for adding a script.

    'templateMeta' => array (
            'javascript' => '{$PROBABILITY_SCRIPT}',
            'includes' => array (
                0 => array (
                    'file' => 'modules/<module_name>/javascript/<scripts_name>.js',

I believe it really works, but I don’t have a certain experience with it and I was in doubt of the